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Real Estate

There’s an old adage in real estate that says you should wait until it’s time to plant spring flowers before listing a home on the market -  today we are kicking⁣ that tired way of thinking straight to the curb!

Q: Is “now” a good time to sell?⁣
A: YES! Here’s the deal. The best time to list your home was yesterday...the next best time? Today — or as soon as we can get the paperwork together! ⁣

Here’s why: ⁣

Inventory is limited⁣
Demand is strong⁣
Interest rates are at historic lows⁣

All of this means there’s no need to wait. If you’re thinking about selling your home, go ahead and list it! Want even more good news? In the current market, it’s reasonable to expect it to sell quickly and for asking price, possibly above. Plus, if you price it right, you’re likely to receive multiple offers!⁣

If you know someone who’s waiting until summer to list their home, tell them NOW is the time. And if they have questions or need help, I'd be thrilled if you send ‘em my way!⁣

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