Selling and Buying Simultaneously

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Real Estate

What does it REALLY look like to sell and buy at the same time? If the question alone gives you heart palpitations, you’re not alone! ⁣
Buying a new home while selling your current home is a HUGE undertaking, but—it's quite common. Seventy-one percent of buyers owned their previous place of residence indicating many overlapped as buyer and seller.⁣

The key to success on BOTH ends is having a realtor to guide you through:⁣

• Home prepping & pricing⁣
• Strategic offers⁣
• Contingencies clauses⁣
Financing options⁣
• Time-sensitive logistics⁣

So if you’re staring down both sides of a real estate transaction and feeling a tad overwhelmed, I’d love to ease your worries. Send me an email or text and let’s connect this week!⁣